July 13, 2024

Addressing the Lies Men Believe

Christian Adventure

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christian adventureThe Christian life was not meant to be walked alone.

We need brothers walking with us that we can share the good, the bad, and the ugly with…not just our highs and mountain top experiences. A number of writers in recent years have tried to climb the “men’s ministry mountain” and conquer the unreachable peak of getting and keeping men involved in their churches and small groups. John Eldredge captured that passion in his book, Wild at Heart when he said; “Every man needs an adventure to live”. That’s true but not all men’s adventure is the same and creating Christian adventures for your men to do can be a daunting task.  You’ve probably struggled with finding Christian adventures for your men’s ministry and need some ideas and solutions. Here is a list of men’s Christian adventure activities you can use as a launching pad and interest builder for your men’s ministry:

50 Adventure Activities to Inspire Your Ministry

  1. Wild Game Dinners (Click Here for Wild Game Dinner Information)
  2. White water rafting
  3. River canoe trips
  4. Camping trips
  5. Men’s retreats
  6. Fishing derby
  7. 3D archery shoots
  8. Clay pigeon shoots
  9. Bowling tournaments
  10. Handy man ministries
  11. Small group Bible studies that don’t meet at the church! (Click Here for Study Guide Help)
  12. Golf league
  13. Archery league
  14. Backpacking trips
  15. Mission trips (Click Here for Alaska Mission Trip Information)
  16. Men’s cross training fitness course
  17. Softball league
  18. Flag football league
  19. Fantasy football league
  20. Frisbee golf league
  21. Weight lifting
  22. NFL football game
  23. MLB baseball game
  24. NBA basketball game
  25. NHL hockey game
  26. MLS soccer game
  27. Father/Son Banquet
  28. Marriage retreat
  29. All male chorus
  30. Antique car show
  31. Car race (Dirt track, asphalt, drag, NASCAR, Indy)
  32. Horseback trail riding
  33. Water skiing
  34. Snow skiing
  35. Horseshoe contest
  36. Men’s bonfire
  37. Hog roast
  38. Construction project
  39. Men’s movie night
  40. Monday night football
  41. Dart tournaments
  42. Poker and mocha night
  43. Financial investment group
  44. 4 Wheeler trips   
  45. Rodeo
  46. Caving
  47. Road/Mountain biking
  48. Motorcycle club
  49. Men’s ministry oil changes
  50. Paintball
What are Your Ideas for a Great Men's Ministry Christian Adventure?
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