October 24, 2021

Addressing the Lies Men Believe

Big 5 Mankillers

Why do so many men run from their calling or duty and head into the shadowy places when the Lion of Judah is on their side? Purposelessness. When a man loses his sense of purpose, he feels like he is not enough, and he will run from the battles in his life, leaving him feeling ashamed. When that happens, he will get caught up in an unhealthy behavior like porn because he can pretend he’s wanted by hundreds of beautiful women, leaving him with a false sense of manhood. When a man lacks purpose, he will die a slow death doing whatever keeps the peace, pays the bills, and keeps his head above water (even if only barely). This leaves that man wanting to appease his flesh, even for a moment, so that he can get an adrenaline or dopamine rush to try to ease the tension coming from believing the enemy’s biggest lie – that God isn’t enough. The man begins to want what he thinks he deserves and doesn’t have, because he doesn’t understand that Christ in him has already given him everything he will ever need.